Let the Festival Begin: Coachella Kicks off First Weekend of Festivities

The festivities have begun for Coachella, and not only is the festival being advertised on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, but it is also making its way onto Snapchat. Snapchat’s Los Angeles snapstory has begun to show excited festival-goers preparing for Coachella, and this, although not technically directly advertised by Coachella itself, is a huge benefit for the California festival. While Coachella made it onto Snapchats everywhere, Firefly and Warped Tour remained quiet before their festival start dates. Warped Tour continued its trend of posting too many times a day, but this past week, it announced on its Facebook page the full Warped Tour lineup.

This past week, Warped Tour announced through Facebook that the entire 2015 Warped Tour lineup could be found on its website, and it attached a full picture of the lineup to the post. Although Warped Tour posted that all artists had been announced on Facebook, it did not do so on its Twitter page. By relying on just one social media platform to make this important announcement, Warped Tour alienates its followers that use Twitter more than they use Facebook as well as its followers who do not use Facebook at all. Also, though Warped Tour changed its cover photo on Facebook to its full lineup, it did not echo this action on its Twitter. If Warped Tour wants to promote its brand and its artists to a wider audience, it needs to make the same announcements across all social media platforms to reach a larger audience.

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In addition to its full lineup announcement, Warped Tour took time on its Twitter account to not only promote one of its charities, but it also helped the organization make an important announcement. The organization, Feed Our Children Now, tweeted about looking for volunteers in specific cities, and it also tweeted about its contact information. Since Warped Tour retweeted this organization, it used its credibility and reputation to find support and help for Feed Our Children Now. By retweeting Feed Our Children Now, Warped Tour shows its followers that this organization is worth paying attention to and helping out with because the tour itself recognizes and supports this organization’s work. The ethos in these announcements stem from Warped Tour’s legitimacy as an established concert tour as well as its reputation as a very popular music concert. Although Warped Tour does post too much on its Facebook and Twitter, it helps promote its charities and organizations through these social media platforms; this benefits the organizations because it draws attention to them.

While Warped Tour promoted its organizations, Firefly still continued to promote its poster contest as well as its performers. On April 6th, Firefly tweeted, “If you’ve been procrastinating…get it together bc poster deadline is at midnight! Info here…” The pathos in this tweet sought to appeal to the curiosity of the followers, because the purpose of the tweet was to try to encourage last minute submissions. Firefly tweeted this because it wanted to change the minds of followers who may have been indecisive regarding whether or not they wanted to submit a design. The ethos in this tweet stems from the fact that the official Firefly account tweeted this, so followers knew that the link, which was included at the end of the tweet, was legitimate and the actual link to making a submission to the contest.

Although the contest itself was highly promoted by Firefly, it was not a success amongst followers. The poster contest alienates those followers who do not know how to draw or do not have the proper equipment to make the posters. Firefly’s poster contest only appeals to those who know how to draw well and want their art publicized at the concert. As mentioned in my previous post, Firefly should abandon its poster contest and just have members of its company design posters for the festival rather than relying on followers to design posters for it.

Like Firefly’s poster contest, Coachella held a garbage bin design contest a few months ago, and this past week, Coachella tweeted a photo of 5 of the designed trashcans at the festival grounds. The tweet said, “Check out @GLBLInheritence’s TRASHed Coachella 2015 Collection…”, and this tweeted was directed to both its followers and the festival attendees. Since Coachella’s first weekend has kicked off, the California festival has taken to Twitter to keep its followers and attendees updates on events at the festival in a succinct and convenient manner. Since everyone has their cellphones with them, attendees can easily check social media for updates; therefore Coachella strategically uses Twitter to keep its attendees informed about important manners. For example, this morning on Twitter, Coachella notified its attendees of yoga and pilates classes at the camping grounds led by professional teachers. The ethos in this tweet comes from Coachella’s twitter’s verified seal, thus showing followers that the classes are real and endorsed by Coachella. Also, the promotion of these classes by Coachella tries to convince attendees that these classes are worth going to.

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 10.56.34 AM

Coachella still maintains a marketing presence despite the fact that its events have already started taking place. By tweeting remarks and promoting its events via Twitter, Coachella makes announcements to all of its followers regardless of whether they are at the festival or not. The purpose of this is to appeal to its followers’ desire; Coachella wants to show its followers how fun and exciting Coachella is by tweeting about daily events and festival activities so that all of its followers can see. Since all of the followers can see Coachella’s tweets, Coachella seeks to make its followers want to go to Coachella next year so that they can experience the events and activities displayed on the social media accounts.

This past week, Coachella drastically improved its social media campaign because its festivities started; therefore attendees would be relying on social media to receive updates on important festival information. Although improving its social media campaign around festival time has benefited Coachella, the festival should maintain a consistently effective social media campaign throughout the year. Firefly does just this, and that is why Firefly has been the most effective social media campaign throughout this past semester. While Warped Tour does maintain an active social media campaign year-round, it posts/tweets too much, thus causing its social media campaign to be ineffective.

Let the Festival Begin: Coachella Kicks off First Weekend of Festivities

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