Weekly Round Up: Surprise Win by Coachella

This past week, Coachella made a shocking move and stole first place from the reigning champion, Firefly. Although Firefly’s social media campaign still retained its stellar qualities, Coachella increase in enthusiasm helped the festival better its social media campaign. While the two predominately indie-alternative music festivals prospered, the punk rock Warped Tour still fell behind. Warped Tour, still continuing on with its band announcements, has not improved its social media campaign. It still remains clogged with so much information that its Facebook and Twitter accounts are difficult to maneuver when trying to find a specific announcement.

Warped Tour’s overkill of its social media account is apparent in its excessive band announcements. Since Warped Tour relies on its Twitter and Facebook to announce lineups, the excessive social media activity drowns out the excitement of the band announcements. By tweeting more than often, Warped Tour buries its band announcements under countless tweets, thus making it difficult for followers to keep track of all the artists that will play the tour. This overkill discourages followers from keeping up with the Warped Tour social media accounts because they cannot conveniently access the information and announcements that they want to see.

Aside from its 17th band announcement, Warped Tour took the opportunity to market not only its tickets but also its merchandise such as t-shirts and magazines. In its tweet, Warped Tour made a call to action for its fans to, “Add the new items to your purchase”, and it included a link to the website where all the merchandise was sold. The tone of this tweet was enthusiastic and excited because it sought to appeal to the excitement and enthusiasm of the followers. By utilizing pathos and appealing to its followers, Warped Tour tries to convince its followers to buy its other merchandise. Advertising t-shirts, magazines, and other merchandise other than tickets is something unique to Warped Tour’s social media accounts. With Coachella and Firefly, the only products they promote on their social media accounts are their tickets.

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 12.30.56 PM

Coachella and Firefly both had a productive week. Since the dates for Coachella are growing closer, Coachella has taken to its social media accounts to make announcements about festival information, and it has even increased its audience engagement by answering a few questions from followers. For example, Coachella made two consecutive announcements about lockers at the festival and bringing a charger to the festival grounds.

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 12.34.35 PM

By tweeting important information back-to-back, Coachella makes it easier for its followers to find information on its twitter. This differs from Warped Tour, who tweets information sporadically and leaves its followers to search through all of Warped Tour’s tweets to find pieces of information.

Aside from Coachella’s informative tweets, Coachella finally came up with a catchy hashtag for its “throwback Thursday” tweet. Although Coachella did not hold a contest like Firefly does with its throwback Thursday events, the tweet itself, “What’s your favorite Coachella memory?” makes the tweet seem more human. The tweet asks the followers what their favorite Coachella memory is, thus appealing to their sense of happiness because it asks them to share a moment they experienced at Coachella that brought them excitement. This differs from Firefly’s contests because followers of Firefly will submit only ‘high quality’ pictures they think Firefly will like; therefore most of the pictures will not embody a favorite memory from Firefly. By composing a tweet with a trendy hashtag, “Coachella Memories”, Coachella appeals to its followers and drives discussion and attention towards itself on social media.

While Coachella drastically improved its social media campaign and image, Firefly remained the same, but it did not lag far behind. This past week, Firefly announced its annual post contest. The tweet included the phrase, “This could be you”, and this single phrase covered 3 rhetorical appeals. The first, pathos, was utilized to appeal to the follower’s interest because it made it seem like the follower had a chance of winning the contest and a potential prize. The second, ethos, was apparent because this was a Firefly-sponsored contest; therefore followers knew that the contest was legitimate. Since Firefly hosts the contest, followers know that anything they may win will have something to do with the Firefly festival, thus creating more incentive to enter. The third, logos, was not as explicit, but it was still utilized. “This could be you” tells the followers that they have a chance of winning the contest if they enter; the logos is used to convince followers to enter based on their chance of winning.

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 12.46.01 PM

In addition to its poster contest, Firefly also made an announcement about its payment plan. The call to action in the tweet was the phrase, “Take advantage of the payment plan before it expires…” This brief announcement is followed by a link, which provides more information about the payment plan. This tweet demonstrates the benefits of marketing on twitter. Firefly makes its announcement by including the most important aspect of it, which is its main message: buy the payment plan before it expires. Then, since it does not detail what the payment plan is, Firefly includes a link that provides more information for people that are interested. This use of marketing on twitter is beneficial because the succinct marketing message draws the followers in, and the call to action appeals to their interests, thus making them click on the link to find out more information. Most of Firefly’s marketing tweets are formatted in this manner, thus making its social media campaign very effective and strong.

Firefly’s strong social media campaign, however, was finally knocked off its throne this past week when Coachella improved the tone, appearance, and content of its tweets. The West-coast music festival proved its strength when it made a “TBT” tweet asking followers to share personal memories of their past experiences at Coachella. This differed from Firefly’s competitive photo contests, which often do not allow followers to share their actual favorite memories but rather pictures they deem fit enough to win them tickets. While Coachella and Firefly competed against each other, Warped Tour still lagged behind. Warped Tour needs to improve its social media campaign if it wants to drive more online attention to itself; this includes limiting social media activity. As a well-established music tour, Warped Tour should follow Coachella’s ways because also as a well-established music festival, it seems like Coachella is starting to care about its social media image despite its popularity.

Weekly Round Up: Surprise Win by Coachella

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