Weekly Round Up: East Coast Beast Coast – Firefly Nominated as one of the Top 10 Music Festivals in America

This past week, Firefly announced on its twitter that it had been nominated by USA Today as one of the top 10 music festivals in the nation, and the small, Delaware music festival reached out to its followers to vote Firefly as the number 1 festival in the US. While Coachella’s name also appeared on the list of top 10 music festivals, the big-time, California music festival ignored its nomination and carried on as if USA Today had never released a list to begin with. While Firefly and Coachella made it onto the list of top 10 music festivals in the country, Warped Tour continued on with its 16th band announcement.

After 16 band announcements, Warped Tour still shows no signs of stopping, which is confusing for followers because they do not know when the last band announcement will come. The multiple band announcements seeks to target Warped Tour’s follower’s sense of curiosity and anticipation because by withholding the entire lineup and releasing bits of it once a week, Warped Tour is making its followers check its social media accounts weekly to not only see the lineup but also to see other announcements made by the tour. For example, this past week, Warped Tour helped promote one of its charities, Feed Our Children Now. The tweet read, “We’re looking for volunteers on @VansWarpedTour 2015!”

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 2.15.13 PM

By retweeting Feed Our Children Now, Warped Tour is endorsing one of its charities. The ethos in this tweet comes from Warped Tour’s legitimacy and reputation as a reputable music tour with popular punk and rock bands. Endorsing Feed Our Children Now allows Warped Tour to help bring attention to the charity because its followers will think that since Warped Tour is retweeting the charity’s tweet, the charity is worth taking a look at. Warped Tour is helping to spread awareness about the charity, and it is helping to publicize the charity’s call to action, which is to volunteer with the charity on Warped Tour.

While Warped Tour endorsed its charities, Coachella and Firefly entered into a West Coast versus East Coast music festival battle that so far, Coachella has been neglecting. Firefly embraced its nomination as one of the top 10 best music festivals in America, and it celebrated by tweeting out to its followers and asking them to vote for the festival.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 2.24.15 PM

This tweet directly calls Firefly’s followers to action; it tells them to click the link and vote for Firefly in the contest to determine the best music festival in the country. In addition to the exciting news about the nomination, Firefly also spent the past week tweeting about details regarding the ticket sales and festival itself. Although Firefly does utilize Facebook, it mainly relies on its Twitter account to release updates because Twitter allows companies to succinctly update information. For example, Firefly announced in a couple of tweets this past week that it would not be offering single day ticket passes. On March 18, Firefly announced the daily lineups in the form of a picture, and it also added that single day general admission passes would not be available. By tweeting, Firefly can easily get out a message by using only a few words.

In its informative tweets, Firefly maintains a neutral tone as seen in its tweets about festival and ticket sale details. In looking at other tweets, for example announcements, Firefly utilizes a much more excited tone as seen in its tweet about being nominated by USA Today for best festival in the US. With the excited tone, Firefly uses pathos to target its followers’ senses of excitement. With the neutral tone, Firefly seeks to simply convey a message to its followers. As seen in the past week, Firefly does an adequate job with relaying information in a straightforward manner to its followers.

While Firefly updated its followers on its technicalities of ticket sales and of the festival itself, Coachella upped their game on Twitter and began tweeting more frequently. Coachella tweeted two photos this past week of past Coachella’s, and it even tweeted about a Coachella VIP pass giveaway. Although its ticket giveaways cannot match up to those of Firefly, Coachella has certainly stepped up its advertising method by finally announcing a ticket giveaway.

Although Coachella itself is not giving away the ticket, it is still a way of advertising. Red Bull is actually the company hosting the ticket giveaway, so this exists as a promotion of two companies: Coachella is endorsing Red Bull by announcing its ticket giveaway, and Red Bull is endorsing Coachella by hosting a Coachella ticket giveaway. The ethos in this tweet stems from both Coachella and Red Bull’s reputation as very reputable corporations. By endorsing Red Bull, Coachella is relying on its reputation and legitimacy as a big-time festival to convince its followers that Red Bull products are worth buying. By endorsing Coachella, Red Bull is also relying on its reputation and legitimacy as a big-time corporation to convince its followers that Coachella is a festival worth going to.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 2.42.40 PM

While Coachella has certainly drastically improved its social media campaign, it still lags behind in exciting its followers. Although it did announce that its weekend 2 ticket packages had been shipped out, Coachella failed to excite its followers the way Firefly does, which is predominately through catchy hashtags like “FireflyFam” and through an excited tone. Coachella has been increasing its tweets, but it has not been putting out more excited tweets. Almost all of Coachella’s tweets this past week still remained informative with a neutral tone. Also, its disregard for its nomination for one of the top 10 music festivals in the US gives off an aura of arrogance. This hurts Coachella because while Firefly engages with its followers and relies on them to vote for itself, Coachella is failing to communicate and connect with its followers.

Warped Tour, too, like Coachella, does not connect with its followers as much as Firefly does. Warped Tour spends too much of its time tweeting about music videos and anything remotely related to the genre of music played on the tour. This affects Warped Tour’s social media campaign because it is social media overkill, thus discouraging followers from checking on or even following Warped Tour’s accounts. This over-enthusiastic social media activity has kept Warped Tour at the bottom of my list for the 3 companies, and this past week, Coachella rose up to the number 2 spot because of its attempt to tweet more. Firefly, however, still remains at the top of the list because its social media campaign is not only dedicated to promoting itself as a festival, but it is also dedicated to engaging with the very audience that Firefly wishes to target.

Weekly Round Up: East Coast Beast Coast – Firefly Nominated as one of the Top 10 Music Festivals in America

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