Why Is Social Media Important to Music Festivals?

As a platform for sharing and connecting with others, social media spreads messages, thoughts, and music. With new ways of sharing music online via links on YouTube and Spotify, music and social media now go hand in hand because social media is primarily where musicians advertise themselves. Like DeMers argues in his article, “The Top 10 Benefits of Social Media Marketing”, he says that social media improves business through “increased brand recognition”. In this case, the musician’s brand is their image and their music; the more social media users see the artist or hear their music, the more familiar they are with their work. This applies directly to music festivals like Coachella, Firefly, and Warped Tour, too, because music festivals use the brands of musicians to advertise themselves.

Music festivals exist as a massive promotion of a plethora of musicians, for not only do they advertise themselves as a festival, but they also advertise for the musicians so that more people will be interested in attending the event. By posting about their own brand as well as the brands of their musicians, music festivals attempt to familiarize the general public with an image or reputation unique to themselves. For example, Firefly includes its festival name in all of its hashtags for its ticket giveaway contests. This allows for increased brand recognition because Firefly’s name is its brand, and by having its name be used in hundreds of thousands of tweets and posts on Facebook and Instagram, it is increasing the appearance of its name and image across social media so that more people will familiarize themselves with the Firefly Music Festival. Music festivals utilize social media because on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram because a majority of the users on these sites comprise the age group which music festivals target.

As Kunz reports in her article, “The Tech Connection to the Rising Popularity of Music Festivals”, online conversations help increase ticket sales, and “75 percent of music festival posts on social media come from ages 17 to 34.” This age group is the youth demographic that music festivals appeal to, and since a majority of this age group uses social media, it is strategic that music festivals use social media to advertise themselves to this audience.

Yet the festival does not just advertise itself; sometimes it gets its followers to advertise for it. With photo sharing on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, users can share photos of music festivals with their followers and with the general public. By holding photo contests like the Firefly Music Festival does, music festivals dramatically increase the number of photos of themselves online, thus making their brand and image more familiar. As Fernandez explains in his article, “Marketers: Don’t Miss Out on Summer Music Festivals”, “[people] see the festivals on social media, and [they] feel like [they’re] missing out so [they] make sure [they] attend the next festival.” This is both a logical and ethical argument.

The logic behind this argument states that if a numerous amount of people deem the festival worthy of being shared across social media, then the festival must be worth attending. The ethos comes from the social media accounts of entertainment outlets that cover music festivals and use social media to show photos and articles of festivals they attended. With social media, festivals can reach farther than the region where their venues are located because social media is not just sharing information cross-country; it is sharing information across the world. This far-reaching method of advertising and promotion is something that cannot be accomplished in any other way, for most of the world looks to social media to share and receive information from other locations around the world.

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Why Is Social Media Important to Music Festivals?

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