Weekly round up 3

Compared to last week, the three music festivals lost their shine. Although Vans Warped Tour announced more of its bands, this pattern of announcing 5 bands per week has become repetitive. Coachella, on the other hand, finally tweeted important information about shipping addresses for tickets, but aside from that, it failed to post anything that truly excited its fans and ignited conversation. Firefly continued its ticket giveaways this past week, and despite the fact that it has been generously doling out tickets, the contests have grown old.

The contests for Firefly’s ticket giveaways have continued, but it seems like the festival is scrambling for ideas. Compared to last week’s throwback Thursday and photo challenges, this week’s challenges lack in advertising for the festival. Followers were instructed to use hashtags for each challenge, and some hashtags included “IWouldForFirefly” and “MyFireflyFace”. The first hashtag did not require an image, therefore there was no promotion of the concert or the venue. The second hashtag required an image, but many users did not use their own faces. Instead, they used GIFs or images from the Internet, and this, too does not draw attention to the musicians at Firefly, the venue, or the concert itself. Although there was no advertisement for the festival whatsoever, Firefly used pathos to target the humor of its followers. “IWouldForFirefly” almost mirrors the phrase, “What would you do for a Klondike bar?” In this sense, Firefly anticipated funny responses from its followers to keep them entertained while it continued its ticket giveaways.

While Firefly gave out tickets, Coachella updated its followers on its more technical side. On February 10, Coachella reminded its followers on twitter that “2/15 is the last day to update your shipping information…” The logos in this tweet tells Coachella’s followers that if they wish to change the shipping information on their tickets, they need to do so by the 15th. The ethos stems from the Coachella account’s legitimacy. The tone in the tweet is informative and neutral, thus followers know that this is important information that has nothing to do with the exciting concert festivities.

Aside from its info-tweet, Coachella tweeted a video from musician, Mac DeMarco, in which he announces in a computerized voice that he will be playing at Coachella this year. The purpose of the video is to announce the musician’s participation in Coachella, and the pathos exists to appeal to the excitement of the followers. It seeks to spark a positive reaction from the audience.

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 3.05.11 PM

Unlike Coachella’s musician announcement, Warped Tour’s band announcement was not a surprise. Followers expected this lineup announcement because of Warped Tour’s systematic way of releasing 5 bands per week. This past week, Warped Tour tweeted only about the bands playing on its tour this summer and called on followers to check out their music videos. The tweets were repetitive for they all tried to drive followers’ attention towards the bands rather than the tour itself. Warped Tour uses its credibility and reputation to try to popularize these bands because if a concert like Warped Tour endorses musicians, its followers will be more inclined to check out the bands.

Warped Tour, however, out of the blue tweeted a link to an NPR piece on plastic cluttering the ocean. The purpose of this tweet is unclear, but it is credible because both organizations are very well known in their respective areas of business. Warped Tour could have been seeking to appeal to its followers who care about the environment, but there was no explicit reasoning for the tweet.

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 3.11.30 PM

While Warped Tour confused its followers with its NPR tweet, Coachella added an artist to its lineup and informed the people who already bought tickets about a technicality. Firefly, on the other hand, continued with its ticket giveaway, which has grown repetitive after two straight weeks of Firefly contests. Despite its continuation of its ticket giveaway, Firefly still comes out on top because it used new ideas for its contests. It tried to use humor to keep its followers engaged with the festival as they waited on the lineup to come out. Although Firefly won this week, the 3 festivals’ social media campaigns paled to what they were last week.

Weekly round up 3

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