Weekly Round Up Round 2: Firefly Wins Again

This past week, Firefly, Coachella, and Warped Tour all posted informative and interesting tweets and Facebook posts. Beginning with Firefly, after failing to deliver its promise to release its full lineup, the Delaware music festival explained that a delay in final lineup approvals was to blame. Then, it bounced back with a 10-tickets-per-day ticket giveaway.

By holding this generous ticket giveaway, Firefly tries to convey that it cares about its audience. The ticket giveaway existed as an apology for failing to deliver on a promise, and this pathos appeals to the audience’s fondness of the festival. By connecting with fans through this ticket giveaway, Firefly increases its popularity amongst its audience and draws more attention to itself. This giveaway also exists as a promotion because Firefly calls its audience to action by telling them to try to win free tickets, and by doing so, Firefly also draws in people who may not have bought tickets before because of the price but will now do so since they could potentially win free tickets.

In addition to its ticket giveaway, Firefly employed its famous “throwback Thursday” promotion, but this time, the festival retweeted past Firefly photos from its followers. Firefly used a call to action to make its followers submit their past photos of Firefly via Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram using the hashtags “#FireflyTBT” and “#TweetforTickets”. Firefly tweeted, “Show us your best #FireflyTBT. Giving away 10 tickets to our favorites…” This call to action also includes ethos because followers who wish to win tickets know that by using the two hashtags that Firefly used, they are in the running for tickets; they know the hashtags are credible. With its hashtags, Firefly directs attention towards not only its ticket giveaway but also to the concert itself.

Although neither Warped Tour nor Coachella held a ticket giveaway this past week, they both improved their social media presences. As usual, Warped Tour’s tweets were full of call to actions. On February 4th, Warped Tour retweeted AltPress, an alternative music magazine. The tweet was, “High-profile industry drummer involved in serious motorcycle accident,” and Warped Tour retweeted it adding, “Please read and help.” Warped Tour’s addition to the original tweet called on its followers to read the article linked to the tweet and donate. Additionally, the pathos in the tweet came in the form of the succinctness of the message. “Please read and help” is a command, but it implies urgency and concern. It targets the followers’ sympathy and compassion because by informing them of the dire situation and calling them to help, Warped Tour is appealing to its followers emotions to initiate action.

Aside from pathos, Warped Tour’s credibility as a reputable, punk-rock tour contributes to its call to action. Warped Tour is known to bring many charities and organizations on its tour every summer, thus gaining a reputation for also being a very charitable music tour. Its charitable reputation contributes to the credibility of its retweet because its followers realize that if Warped Tour is calling on them to help, it must be a legitimate situation. In this unfortunate event, Warped Tour, despite its reputation, ignores self-promotion and uses its popularity to help someone in need.

While Warped Tour rallied its followers for a good cause and released another band announcement, Coachella hyped up its followers with a picture of the venue and a competition to design trash cans at the festival.

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 10.57.30 AM

Coachella also markets itself as an arts festival, and this past week, it included its artistic element when it tweeted about a competition to design a trash bin for the festival grounds. The explicit call to action was for its followers to design their own trash can, take a picture of it, and submit it to the festival via the link provided in the tweet. The pathos in this tweet appeals to Coachella’s followers’ sense of humor because the caption is “Get TRASHed”, which usually implies getting drunk. Also, a contest to design a trash bin is rather peculiar and unorthodox, thus although most of its followers will not submit a design, they may feel compelled to check out this unique contest.

Though the trash can-designing contest may have been funny, Coachella’s tweet on February 4th instilled a sense of excitement and even nostalgia for its past attendees. Lake Eldorado is a campsite at Coachella where participants can camp in teepees. The scenic picture was captioned, “Rise and Shine Lake Eldorado.” With this tweet, Coachella appeals to its followers sense of admiration and desire with this aesthetic picture. The picture, in addition to appealing to followers, indiscreetly promotes the campsite. It makes attendees and followers want to buy camping passes for that specific site because of its beauty and because Coachella featured it on its twitter and Facebook. Also, for past attendees who may have camped at or seen the site, this picture appealed to their nostalgia because it would make them want to return to that site or Coachella in general.

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 10.56.55 AM

The three festivals this past week actively participated on social media. Coachella greatly improved its activity, and Warped Tour retweeted and tweeted about important information pertaining to itself. Firefly, however, still took the cake for the best festival this week because of its ticket giveaway. Although Coachella had a contest, too, there was no incentive in submitting a design; there was no prize to win. Firefly gave its followers incentives to submit pictures; it gave them the opportunity to win tickets. Warped Tour has yet to have a ticket giveaway, and possibly by doing so, it can increase traffic and attention to its social media sites. Yet Warped Tour still beat out Coachella because it rallied its followers around a certain cause, to help an injured musician. This showed a humane and compassionate side of the punk-rock tour, and this is especially interesting because the situation did not apply to the tour at all yet Warped Tour felt compelled to draw attention to it rather than itself. This past week proved to be an improvement in the social media campaigns of Warped Tour and Coachella, but they need to work a little bit harder to catch up to Firefly’s charismatic and active social media presence.

Weekly Round Up Round 2: Firefly Wins Again

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