Delaware Pride: Firefly Music Festival the Winner of this Week’s Weekly Round-Up

For Firefly, this past week proved eventful, for the Delaware festival revealed two artists on its lineup by hosting a concert in Philadelphia. Although only two musical acts performed, Firefly announced 5 other performers. Firefly indirectly announced the 5 performers by retweeting a twitter user rather than sending out an official tweet.

When releasing the first 7 names in its lineup, Firefly relied on ethos to do so. Recently, many people online have been speculating about Firefly’s lineup and releasing ‘leaked’ pictures of it. Since Firefly’s twitter account is the festival’s official, verified twitter account, all of the announcements on the page are credible. Despite the fact that Firefly retweeted a normal follower who attended its Philadelphia concert, followers knew that the user’s tweet about the lineup was true because the official Firefly account retweeted it.

In addition to the reveal of 7 artists, Firefly just tweeted on January 26th, “…Just wait til you see what’s coming this week…” This use of pathos appeals to its followers and fans’ excitement because the festival is using suspense to increase attention and enthusiasm for its full lineup reveal, which is to come soon.

On the contrary, Coachella did not fare too well on social media this past week. The reputable festival in California only tweeted twice. One tweet was a retweet of a concert announcement account, goldenvoice. Coachella retweeted one of goldenvoice’s pictures that showed a list of Coachella performers and concerts they would be performing in the Los Angeles area in April. Coachella’s second tweet was of a music video by the Weeknd, another one of Coachella’s performers.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 11.04.44 AM

Although Coachella’s tweet about the Weeknd was a call to action for its followers to go watch the music video, the music festival failed to generate excitement about itself. The retweet, since it was neither a direct tweet from Coachella nor a tweet about Coachella itself, did not apply directly to the festival, so followers would not be as interested in the tweet as they would be in a tweet about Coachella updates. Coachella attempted to use pathos to excite its followers this past week, for it tried to excite its followers by retweeting a schedule of concerts in the LA area with the caption, “Who are you most excited to see in April?” This tweet appeals to the excitement of Coachella’s followers because it excites them about the Coachella artists, but it fails to ignite conversation because the photo applies to other concerts instead of Coachella.

While Coachella neglected its twitter account, the Vans Warped Tour embraced that of its own; from January 23-January 30th, its number of tweets ranged from two to 8 per day. On January 28th, Warped Tour released the names of another 5 artists on its lineup. Lineup announcements always exist as pathos, for festivals, such as Warped Tour, seek to excite their audience and ignite curiosity in their followers because lineup announcements commonly lie shrouded in secrecy. This curiosity created prior to lineup announcements makes Warped Tour’s audience want to follow the tour’s account closely to wait for the announcement. The excitement created often causes people to buy tickets, and it also attracts publicity for the festival.

Aside from its band announcement, Warped Tour tweeted updates about and retweeted tweets from its performers. For example, it retweeted the Amity Affliction, one of its performers this summer, who said, “Warped Tour 2015!! See you there.” Like the ethos in Firefly’s tweets, the ethos in this tweet stems from the legitimacy of Warped Tour’s twitter account and from the legitimacy of the Amity Affliction’s twitter account. In this tweet, the performer, the Amity Affliction, is confirming its participation in Warped Tour. As the festival’s official account, Warped Tour’s twitter is a credible source, and by retweeting the Amity Affliction’s announcement, Warped Tour is confirming the band’s participation for its followers.

In examining the activity of the three festivals this past week, the most interesting feature is that despite its reputation as one of the most famous music festivals in the world, Coachella poorly maintains a social media presence, and when it does tweet updates or post on Facebook, the updates and posts are rarely involve the festival itself; there is never a clear call to action. The updates always attempt to excite its followers, but Coachella does not interact with its followers as much as Firefly does.

Firefly clearly stood out as the best festival this week, for its modest social media updates carried a lot of weight. Although Warped Tour had a lineup announcement this past week too, it failed to effectively garner as much attention as Firefly’s announcements because of its constant tweeting throughout the week. Firefly had clear calls to action for its audience to attend its concert in Philadelphia where two of its artists would be performing. As a young music festival, Firefly and its strong social media presence could potentially match, or even overtake, the Goliaths of the music festivals, Warped Tour and Coachella.

Delaware Pride: Firefly Music Festival the Winner of this Week’s Weekly Round-Up

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