My three companies

For my three groups, I have chosen three music festivals: the alternative/indie Coachella and Firefly Music Festival and the punk-rock Vans Warped Tour. The festivals each use social media often, but Coachella uses Twitter and Facebook much less than Firefly and Warped Tour do. Coachella and Firefly’s social media activities increase before and during ticket sales and lineup announcements, whereas Warped Tour constantly offers updates on the bands it features during the tour itself. In this post, I will give the details of each festival and introduce their way of using social media.

Coachella holds its annual, two-weekend concert in Coachella Valley, California at the Empire Polo club in Indio, California in April. The festival promotes art and music, specifically art and music prevalent in the indie-music scene. Although Coachella has built up an extremely popular reputation not only in the alternative music scene but also in the music scene in general, it has encountered social issues in the past. The festival recently came under fire for its attendees wearing Native American headdresses or bindis.

The Firefly Music Festival holds its annual, 4-day concert in Dover, Delaware at the Dover International Speedway in June. The venues itself is called the Woodlands, and it consists of massive fields and forests. Firefly, who is now partnered with Coachella, promotes the same art and music that appears there. Since Firefly is a young music festival (it has only been running for 3 years), no controversies have risen so far.

The Vans Warped Tour, unlike Firefly and Coachella, travels the entire US and even makes stops in Canada. Warped Tour spans the entire summer; starting at the beginning of June and ending in mid-August. The tour takes place in large, outdoor venues, which usually include stadiums and amphitheaters. Warped Tour showcases punk-rock or punk-pop music, and it also promotes a handful of charities that join the tour during the summer. The controversy surrounding Warped Tour mainly stems from its festival style. Crowds often become too aggressive due to mosh pits and crowd surfers, and this has resulted in Warped Tour earning a wild reputation.

These three groups, however, all share certain issues within the field. The overarching opinion of music festivals is that many people attend just to drink and do drugs. Over the past few years, there have been deaths reported at other music festivals due to drug overdoses, and these deaths have become associated with music festivals as a whole regardless of their genres.

When it comes to social media, these groups actively use Twitter and Facebook as a way to advertise their company and sell tickets. They use Twitter and Facebook to announce ticket and merchandise sales, and they also use these social media outlets to announce lineups. These music festivals rely on social media to sell their products and advertise themselves to the general public.

My three companies

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